Fr Seraphim on Prayer, a Coptic Orthodox perspective

The latest St Francis Magazine (Vol 7:5) has two articles from non-western folks, kudos to them for that (in addition to an interview with Fr Boutros, which I am not even including in my count).

One is a meditation on the meaning of prayer from Abouna Serphim al Baramousy, a Coptic Orthodox monk in Egypt. Here is part of his reflection, which I commend to all of you:

This relationship between the Bible and prayer is essential, for
prayer inspires the ability to fulfill the calling of the Bible. It unleashes
the words of the Scripture from limitations of paper and ink
by intangibly etching and inscribing them deeply into the real life of
man’s existence; for it is this calling in prayer which enables the Holy
Spirit to provide day by day from the Priceless Treasure which
Christ left us.

Read it all HERE.


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