Victory for Religious Freedom in Egypt (kinda)

In Egypt there are three, and only three, official religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. And what if you are Baha'i? There are a few of them there, no many, but a few. Now they can have their national id cards (very central to everything in life in Eg.) without their religion on it, only a "--". It is a minor victory. One would hope they could just get their religion on the card or have religions removed from all id cards, but no.

The big test will come in the following months as Christians who were born in Muslim families try to change their religion, or perhaps simply not have it mentioned. Right now, Christians who converted to Islam, but then reverted to Christianity can have "Christian, formerly declared Islam as his religion" written on their cards.

Let us hope and pray for more religious freedom. Read about it here:

Egyptians win the right to drop religion from ID cards


Lucian said…
In Romania there are about 17. And contrary to Your American democratic bullshit propaganda, that's the safe way (unless You're a huge fan of suicidal or polygamist cults). :-| (Their problem is Islam condemning apostasy from it to death, which not even the Jews did).

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