Unemployment in Arab World a 'Time Bomb'

This is what Sam Huntington called the demogrpahy time bomb I think. A large number of unmarried young men looking for jobs all at once, and now the job market is actually shrinking. What will the be the first government to fall? It will happen sooner or later, unless they all just leave for Europe, which may well happen:

Unemployment in Arab world a 'time bomb'

Head of Arab Labor Organization warns of growing layoff rates in Gulf states, says staggering unemployment projections may prove perilous to some of region's governments.

The global financial crisis has had a serious effect on job demands in the Arab world, as experts define the bleak employment situation in many Mideast nations as a "ticking time bomb" for some of the region's regimes.

Future projections as to the job market's prospects, as noted in an Arab Labor Organization conference held in Jordan this week, were dismal. Ahmed Luqman, director general of the group, predicted that 2009 and 2010 may see as many as 3.6 million to 5 million Arabs become unemployed.

Arab countries' growth rate in 2009 to be lower than 4%, according to estimates voices at a financial conference in Dubai. However, Gulf states will be able to overcome crisis due to high foreign currency reserves accumulated in 2008

According to Luqman, unemployment rates in the Arab world may reach 17% by the end of 2010 – spanning 22 million people. [...]

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