Tourism in Saudi Arabia (that's a joke)

I believe that KSA is the only major country in the world that does not have a tourist visa. You can get other kinds, like religious or professional or (I have heard) a transit visa, for those long drives from, say, Aqaba (Jordan) to Sana'a (Yemen). But some smart guy over at the Saudi Government has had an idea--that Saudi tourism will create 900,000 jobs. How silly is this? Read and enjoy:

Tourism In Saudi?

Can I ask what in the world would a tourist do in Saudi? This is totally besides Mekkah and Madinah, we can understand that millions of Muslims would come to these areas. But I can't help but choke on the word 'tourism' in relation to Saudi. What in the world will they see?

The wonderful zoos? oh sorry there aren't any
Water parks? uhhh nope wrong country none in Saudi
The wonderful oceans and the included activities? uhhhh only if you include garbage and more garbage and limited activities especially for women. But you can scuba dive in Jeddah.
The big grand amusement parks? well the ones they have are emergency room visits waiting to happen.
The green luscious lands? oh sorry wrong country
Movies? Nope sorry
Museums? not exactly
Wildlife? only thing that comes close to wildlife are kids

ohhhh Malls yes plenty of those closed until 4pm but life as a night walker is good in a mall a/c, lights, too many people on the weekends. Yea I would fly to another country for a good mall (ok that is a lie)



Anonymous said…
fuck you ass hole
Anonymous said…
Strange that the listed activities are all things one can do in Europe and America. I would go to Saudi Arabia to see what it does have- a unique and ancient culture, not to see what parts of my culture it lacks. I would eat its foods and travel in its unique landscapes.

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