Highest Percentage of Muslims in the New World?

Which country in the New World has the most Muslims as a percentage of the population?

Leave your answer in the comment section. I will answer the question after a good number of answers.


Don said…
Suriname (the old Dutch colony.) The Dutch seem to have a knack of bringing Muslims into their territories (or getting them to start with, as was the case in Indonesia.)

Both Guyana and Trinidad also have substantial Muslim populations.

Guyana's population is one reason why Sir Lionel Luckhoo talked about this subject long before it got on most Evangelicals' radar screen, as you can hear here.

My church's national overseer in Trinidad is named Stephen Mohammed, a fine man whom I have had a chance to meet. That should give you an idea about who we've been evangelising!
abu 'n um tulip said…
I was thinking for a minute and those countries came to mind too: Suriname, Trinidad and Guyana. Not sure about French Guiana; I think there's less. Strange (providential?) historical circumstances there. Of course, there may be some little Caribbean island with a higher percentage, but I think those three will take the top three spots.
WV: belping - a defunct unit of measurement from northern England. "I'm really tired! We cut and stacked ten belpings of wood yesterday."
Geoff Baggett said…
Well ... technically New Guinea is in the New World, and the western half (part of Indonesia) might be a possible answer. But, outside of that area I would have to say Guyana, Suriname, or Panama.
Abu Daoud said…
Suriname is the correct answer. It is about 20% Muslim.

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