Prayer requests

Hi All,

Will be doing some outreach in a sensitive locale that is 100% Muslim, please pray for safety and fruit for me and my co-workers.

Also, continue to pray for a full recovery. The leg is not really getting better...I mean the bone seems completely healed, but I am still not walking well.

--Abu Daoud


Brett said…
Never took you off the prayer list anyways ;-)
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you Brett. A number of Muslims have Bibles now and one made a commitment to follow Jesus, overall a very fruitful time, and led by local believers, not foreigners!
Brett said…
THAT is amazing. I will definitely be praying for not only you, but a growing Christian community there. A supportive community is so helpful to continued growth.

That is interesting that they would have Bibles. Do many Muslims buy them out of curiosity, or are they being given them by believers?
Abu Daoud said…
We gave them the Bibles.

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