A Prophet Speaks: "The fall of Europe is close at hand."

The Cardinal of the Czech Republic, Miloslav Vick, is concerned about the fate of Christianity in Europe. He argues that Europe must return to its roots, if not the fate of the continent will be to become Islamic.

"Medieval Muslims tried to conquer Europe but Christians expelled them,” he said. “Today there is a similar war but with spiritual weapons. However, Europe lacks the tools and ability for a spiritual struggle while Muslims are well equipped," he says, adding that "the fall of Europe is close at hand.”

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The day is coming when finding a practicing Christian in France will be as interesting and exotic as finding an Assyrian Christian in Iraq.


JohnG. said…
Nearly done in France : a recent study from le daily newspaper LaCroix shows only 4,5% of practicing christians in France. That's small, very small.

Another century, another way to do : we don't have expell people who are now in Europe from decades, have children. They are european as we are. But they have a particular culture. The problem europe is facing is multiple :
1) not being islamized (some want sharia just "for muslims" within a particular nation, cf. UK)
2) making the islamic authorities in Europe recognising the right to convert : a muslim must be able to become christian (or something else) if he wants.
3) the main point : we have to take seriously our duty to evangelise. It's here that JPII's call to sanctity are important for us. We won't reach hearts for Christ with bad community, "discount" liturgy, doctrinal quarelling, etc...

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