Liberals and Islam?

Don over at Positive Infinity has come out with a good post on liberals and Islam, please do check it out. Here is a section:

Why should the left care if anyone hates Islam or not? They certainly don’t care if people hate Christians. But Islam, if it succeeds, will be the end of much of what leftists hold to be “beautiful and good.” That includes but is not limited to their sexual agenda. Homosexuals and those who engage in sexual activity outside of marriage—especially women—will find themselves subject to capital punishment if sharia is implemented, a frequent goal of Muslim groups.

And here's another great quote:

Experience teaches that Islam, once the controlling factor in a country, will move to impose sharia on the population and do so without exception. Although the Ottomans were probably the most able rulers the Islamic world has ever known, their system of encapsulating and using non-Islamic groups to their own advantage is going out of fashion, replaced by the religious cleansing we see all too often in the Middle East today.


Anonymous said…
Liberals don't support Islam. They support whomever is the nonchristian minority, and exalt them over the majority. This is the rule. Its not really a mystery as to why this is.
Anonymous said…
Liberals tie themselves up in knots because they are so concerned with "diversity" that they can't bring themselves to denounce Islam in other than oblique terms. They also lay off the criticism because unlike Christians, if you annoy the wrong Muslims they tend to get all stabby.
Jeff said…
Liberals support Islam for a variety of reasons.

One reason is that they see Western Imperialism as the root of all social evil. The idea that there might be something to be "conserved" in Western tradition, rather than overthrown or radically reshaped doesn't fit their paradigm.

Since the paradigm is perverse, it acts as a distorting lens. They just can't believe that "retrograde Islam" is the real face of the religion. That must be just a reaction to imperialism.

Once their beautiful reforms take hold, Islam will be one more beautiful color in the rainbow of the Future.

These people sometimes actually end up BECOMING Muslims, perhaps because it is the social revolutionary, transformative element that both groups have in common.

You might notice that Muslims don't tend to be bothered by the fact that the liberals they support are often atheists who believe in loose social morals either.

I know some westerners who have converted to Islam and who hate and detest Catholicism and "backward" evangelical types just as much as they ever did. They still identify with their secular, revolutionary stage and they see their "reversion" as a natural consequence.

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever wondered why "pro-choicers" have no difficulty with forced abortion in China?

Well, it's for a good reason right? Too many people? And after all, it's not like those people are being saddled with a KID, is it?

Choice simply fades from the picture when one is being forced NOT to have a baby. I doubt if they would object much if judges were to order children to HAVE abortions...for their own good. Don't want to ruin their lives, you know.

No. Ideas have consequences. The consequence of the "liberal" or soft revolutionary mindset is not necessarily at odds with Islam at all. They have always supported revolutionaries like Stalin or Castro or Mao who also imprisoned and persecuted homosexuals and didn't really emancipate women at all.
Jeff said…
Another link, I would say is that there is a sense in which liberalism--not all liberal ideas necessarily but the ideology itself--is a kind of religion itself. It's a secular version of Christianity. A replacement, a competitor.

And so is Islam. In many ways, a law centered religion necessarily tends toward a kind of secularism.

Islam and Leftism generically (as an ideology) are both replacements or substitutes for a rejected Christianity.

They have a fellow feeling for each other. Mohammed, the "social reformer" has often been admired and praised by liberal or secular historians and writers in the West for several hundred years. Even Hitler admired him!

There is that fellow feeling. And also there is paradoxically a mutual contempt.

The Leftist doesn't really believe that some primitive nonsense is going to replace social development. But even in its violent forms, it can help break down bourgeois or conservative structures which get in the way of the revolution.

So there is a French Leftist whose name I have forgotten that wrote a piece called, "Green Horse, Red Rider" about how socialism would mount and ride on the back of the Islamic horse and guide its destructive path.

And the Muslims see in the secular Left a non-threatening vanguard of dying secularism which sympathizes on Palestine and other issues and is very useful in clearing the way for the triumph of Shariah. They love George Galloway to death, but only because he is "right"...meaning he is doing their work. They are unconcerned with his other social views.
Jeff said…
You asked for figures on French conversions from Islam to Catholicism:

PARIS (Zenit) - Between 150 and 200 Muslims convert to Catholicism each year in France, many of them the children of mixed marriages, reported a French daily.
Abu Daoud said…
Thanks Jeff. But do you think the leftists will wake up and smell the coffee and turn against the Islamizers, or eventually just submit en masse?

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