More than just translation, but what to call it?

I have lately been thinking about how to speak of the Christian approach to communication/language. It is translation, but broader than that. I can't quite figure out a name for it though. I am talking about something that would include storying, picture books for illiterate people, the use of different sorts of media, and so on. Also, it does not seem uniquely evangelical, in many ways the icons and statues of other churches are trying to do something similar--speak something broader and deeper than any one spoken language or strata of society can comprehend.



JohnG. said…
Isn't the daily attendance of the liturgy of the hours, including at least once a week, the attendance of the Divine Liturgy a powerful tool to "communicate", not only GrĂ¢ce, but an inner and conscient/inconscient understanding of many living truth and philosophy of the christianism
Can't these lituries be also useful to evangelize muslim (Since islam is a very "liturgical" religion : cf. the 5 pilars and the necessity of the daily ritualized prayers) ?
Abu Daoud said…
Yes John, but it presupposes that people are inviting their Muslim friends. i don't think that happens to often. If it did, it would be a very positive development.
JohnG. said…
You're right Abu, it's easier here in europe where you can reach secularised muslims (MBA : muslim backgroung Atheists or Agnostics). However here stand the problem :
-> easier here but with the problem of sometimes secularised liturgies (I wropte a little something about sad experiences I had here, under Salome article : )
-> harder where you are, but with probably more genuine liturgies !

I note that your article is far broader than my answer. But i confess I couldn't grasp the plain meaning of what you spoke about.

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