Root Causes of Muslim Persecution of Christians

Root Causes of Persecution
The first generation of Muslims was a minority in the non-Muslim world it set out to conquer. For the Muslims, this created a sense of defensiveness and a fear of being overwhelmed by the conquered communities that persist today in spite of centuries of Muslim dominance. Even in modern secular Muslim-majority states, Islam and shari’a have such a hold on public perceptions that attitudes of contempt and practices of discrimination against non-Muslims are accepted as normal.

From this article by Patrick Sookhdeo.


cjk said…
What a bunch of hooey!
Try reading some of their scripture!
Try researching that man named mohammed whom they worship and adore for all intents and purposes.
Abu Daoud said…

I know of numerous ex-Muslims who describe Islam as a cult of Muhammad. Technically, you can not worship anyone other than Allah, but in practice, Muhammad is (in some cases) worshiped.
Anonymous said…
While reading this article, it came to my mind that this must be how Muslims feel in Christian dominated countries. For example, even in the US, when muslims try to get involved in politics they are not welcomed at all, and if they try to use backing from other Muslim governments... well, not only are they seen as collaborating with the Islamic World, but they are seen as Terrorist... hmmm... Just an interesting perspective to give in addition to this author's points of view on Christians in Islamic dominated nations... ___Stephanie

ps, I don't see how the posts from cjk and abu daoud have anything to do with the article.... did you two read it?
cjk said…
Abu Daoud: There was an Englishman who disguised himself as an Afghani and took the Haj in the middle 19th. century...I forget the name right now.
Anyhow he writes of how the mohammedans expected that mohammed himself (not the mahdi) would come back to rule the Ummah in the future.
We are in agreement as to the worship question.

To Stephanie: Regardless of what any article says, to equate the plight of Christians or anyone for that matter in the Ummah with mohammedans in Dar al Harib is an injustice and insult to their suffering and akin to a slap in the face.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps slapping faces is what humans do best (unfortunately). Otherwise, the two of us would never be commenting towards each other.


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