Free Copts: Building churches in Egypt almost impossible

A Christian "dreaming" of building a church in Egypt must adhere to the ten stringent conditions laid by the Ezaby Pasha along the Hamayouni decree(Ottoman Empire-laid rules for building Churches), and may even have to seek the consent of the street stall radish seller in the vicinity !!

Simply put, [the] building of churches in Egypt is almost impossible.

Ah, where is all that wonderful Islamic tolerance we hear about? Read it all HERE.


Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
Building churches. I am not sure what we are really talking about here, building churches, or building buildings in which churches meet. If we are talking about the later, than I am still looking for the instruction in the Christian Bible as to when, how, and where we are to build buildings called churches.
Anonymous said…
People and history all prove that Coptis were and are still living in Egypt for so many centuries and all is under Islam rule. No one has harmed them or prevented them from building churches or whatever they want.
Have you heared about an Egyptian Bishop called Maximos? Well, I suppose you haven't heard about him rather you wouldn't write this thread.
Maximos was a Bishop in the mother church of coptis but he got so many fights with pope Shanouda and all media was talking about their conflict. Maximos wanted a civil law where Christians could get divorced but the Pope who is very strict in keeping the heritge of his church refused Max's request after exchanging so many insults , Max left the mother church and inavgurated the first cathedral church for orthodox christians where they can get divorced and get married again neglecting Mark 10:21/22
However, this wasn't a long time ago. So now pardon me, Is this new catherdral Church called a Church too? Is it a building? Did this happen in Egypt?
Abu Daoud said…
Dear *Third* Anonymous,

That there are disagreements between bishops in the Coptic Church is not surprising, nor is it particularly worrying to me.

You are wrong though about the supposed respect that Egypt shows the Copts. There are draconian and severe limitations on the ability of Copts to build new church buildings, these laws are left over from the Ottoman Empire and if Egypt were really a tolerant society today they would certainly be changed or discarded. But since Egypt is Islamic it cannot be tolerant. Islam precludes showing genuine affection and respect to non-Muslims according to the Shari'a.

I pray that you will become a voice for freedom and justice and compassion as a follower and imitator of the Messiah, the Son of Mary.

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