Islam, Rape, and Norway

A quote from a newspaper article:

"When a lightly dressed, intoxicated woman gets in alone into a taxi, the starting point is that she's already sinned. A Muslim woman can't do that. Those who attacked and raped women in the street thought that they were within their rights. They saw an intoxicated woman without an escort. She's then considered fair game in some Muslim communities. And by their own perception, the men think that women have no value as witnesses in a criminal case," says Thorsen.

Well, Norway, you asked for it.

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And also this, on rape in Oslo:

Q: You're saying that Norwegian girls are asking to be raped?

A: Not exactly asking, but when then go out almost completely naked and get completelydrunk in Frogner park or go to a party together with some friend, and then they complain about being raped? It's their fault, says the 26 year old from Somalia.

Q: But even if they go around lightly dressed and get drunk then they're certainly not asking to be raped?

A: No, but many of the foreigners aren't used to this where they come from. They're not accustomed that girls go dressed as they want, then maybe they interpret this a bit wrong, you understand?

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Anonymous said…
Not sure if I understand the underlining point of your post. However, I feel eager to put in my two cents. The western world (of which I am born from) gives men WAY too much credit. Myself being a woman, I would like to say, I will NEVER trust my safety to men I do not know. Which means, I have to take responsibility for my own well-being. I must not assume that men will leave me alone. I must not assume they will behave. If I care about making it home safely, I will not draw their attention.

Is it my right to dress how I please? YES! Is it my right to walk safely from my friend's home to mine in the dark? YES! However, men (yes MEN) do not respect most of my rights. Like, my right to not be touched, to not be harassed, to not be addressed unless I want to be addressed. So, because of this, I can not wear what I want to wear, and I can not walk alone in the night.

That is the reality of the world I live in. I am not going to pretend otherwise, but I can always be hopeful for change. ___Stephanie
Abu Daoud said…
The point of the point is that Norway is making the situation for women worse by not exercising any kind of restraint in allowing people to immigrate who do not share your understanding of women's roles in society.

Are Western men great? No. But do they see a scantily clad women who is drunk getting into their taxi and say, this woman is (more or less) saying it's ok for me to rape her? Not really.
Anonymous said…
Abu Daoud,
Obviously you are not a woman (by your name, and by your comment)... And yes, Western men do this exactly, and they do it often. Maybe just not in Norway. Maybe this is something new to Norway, but it is not to the US, or to Germany, or to the UK or Australia... ___ Stephanie
Anonymous said…
You all give yourselves way too much credit. You treat others the way you want to be treated, drunk or not believer or not. Love those who need it the most. this from a non-believer. GROW UP!!!!
Kattugle94 said…
Fortunately, more and more women in the Norwegian society are taught self defense, or train martial arts. A girl I know were attacked by a couple of men late at night some time ago . . . but they certainly messed with someone completely out of their league. She made sure they couldn't follow her, ran the hell away and then called the police.

I'm a seventeen year old Norwegian girl, and I have grades in kick-boxing, Judo, and Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu / ninjutsu.

I have several girl friends who know how to render a much stronger man harmless. It's a precaution we take in order to protect our rights to - as Stephanie said - dress how we please, walk in the dark, and above all simply to FEEL SAFE.

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