Pray for Yemen: Qat and Water

Yemen is running out of water, and farmers there are using what they have to cultivate a crop that is not even a food--qat.

JAHILIYA, Yemen — More than half of this country’s scarce water is used to feed an addiction.

Even as drought kills off Yemen’s crops, farmers in villages like this one are turning increasingly to a thirsty plant called qat, the leaves of which are chewed every day by most Yemeni men (and some women) for their mild narcotic effect. The farmers have little choice: qat is the only way to make a profit.

Meanwhile, the water wells are running dry, and deep, ominous cracks have begun opening in the parched earth, some of them hundreds of yards long.

Pray for Yemen. Without the power of the Gospel true freedom and wisdom will never come to this country.

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Same problem as Somalia. For some reason khat isn't considered an "intoxicant" like alcohol, although it is just as damaging to people and economies.

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