Sayyid Qutb on the Western concept of religion

These research scholars [who define jihad as defensive warfare], with their defeated mentality, have adopted the Western concept of 'religion', which is merely a name for 'belief' in the heart, having no relation to the practical affairs of life, and therefore they conceive of religious war as a war to impose belief on peoples' hearts.

Milestones, 76.

The important thing here is that Qutb is correct in finding the Western category of 'religion' as shallow and false. --AD


JackOfClubs said…
This isn't so much the Western concept as the Enlightenment concept. I grant that this concept is widespread in the West, but it did not originate in either the Roman or the Reformation churches.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Jack, right you are indeed. I like to say that the good thing about Christendom was that Muslims and Christians at least had some ground in common. Christendom is very much like the Umma, well in some ways.
Anonymous said…
I don't see any Christendom yet. If there is any, it is driven by greed and power. Gods kingdom is yet to come. The only thing in common between these two ancient religion is
1. God blessed both generation through their common forefather. Abram.
The hatred muslim has against christian,can be traced back from there. like Cain against Abel. He killed his brother for only one reason, jealousy. Our God is wise and patient. HE had planted the evidence of HIS love in the Bible and history. Anyone only needs to put down their ego and programmed mind to see the simple truth. HIS kingdom is near, Christendom is near. Never nearer.

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