On the Relation between commerce and mission and Providence

Note that this is from way back in 1863:

And has not He made Britain and America great in [merchant] ships for this end? Let our rich merchants beware of boasting that the arms of their own skill and enterprise have done all this. God has assuredly done it, in order, among other things, to provide means and afford facilities for the setting up of his Kingdom. But it does not follow from this that the missionary is to be, in any sense, an auxiliary to the trader.

p 77, The Heathen World and the Duty of the Church
Alexander Robb
Edinburgh: Andrew Elliot 1863


Don said…
It's interesting to note that, when I made my first business trip to China in 1981, the leader of the Chinese delegation had learned English from a mission school in Tianjin before the establishment of the People's Republic, which will be sixty years ago next week.
Abu Daoud said…
Yes, Alexander Robb was not in a majority I think. I mean, even the Great David Livingstone had his three C's: Christianity, Civilization, and Commerce.

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