If Europe's values aren't Christian then what are they?

From a WSJ book review:

Most European elites, though, have not debated seriously the potential effects of introducing into this land of postmodern chatter millions of devout believers in another religion, one previously seen as antagonistic to European culture. As Mr. Caldwell says, Europe's elites seem hardly to have considered that the ethical views they pride themselves on have little meaning when divorced from Christian origins.

Many Europeans are determined to defend their values— witness France's ban on headscarves in schools—but it is hard to defend what you cannot define. "There is no consensus, not even the beginning of a consensus," Mr. Caldwell writes, "about what European values are." When the Netherlands decided not long ago to try to define its values and inculcate them in prospective new residents, it ended up producing a ghastly naturalization packet that included a video that featured "gays expressing affection in public, and bare-breasted women on the beach." Welkom, immigrants!


meysam said…
i will be happy to see u in my blog:)
Don said…
What the Europeans have tried to do is to build (?) a civilisation (?) on raw secularism.

In Western Europe they have produced a vacuum into which Islam is pouring.

In the East we've had Communism, which is a state religion disguised as atheism. There's one thing to be said for the Reds, though: they were more successful in managing Islam than their counterparts in the West are now. They were not afraid to use secular power to control the mosque, which any Middle Eastern potentate knows is essential. The Middle East knows a power holder when it sees one.
I think that a lot of europeans are really disillusioned with secularism. I can see in a sense why Europeans are converting to Islam and not necessarily rejecting the push for Islamic values in their society.
searchtruth said…
Europe's values aren't Christian. its paganism, because it was before Christianiy in europe. Christianiy is not a europian religion , its a midle eastern religion born in Palatine.


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