Conversions per year to Islam and Christianity

From HERE:

Conversion growth is where you find quite a contrast. According to figures presented in the 2000 edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, each year some 950,000 people convert to Islam from some other persuasion. Christianity, by contrast, sees some 2.7 million each year shift their affiliation to Christianity and presumably their allegiance to Christ from some other religion.

(Woodberry and Shubin 2001)


southerncanuck said…
I wonder how they come up with those numbers...
David said…
Interesting numbers. It's my understanding (perhaps incorrect?) that Islam is one of the least-converted-to religions, but the fastest growing because of natural population growth, whereas Christianity is one of the most-converted-to (perhaps THE most converted-to) but slowly growing due to low population growth in Christian nations. Maybe you can confirm or deny?

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