A Soteriology of Hospitality?

I would very much like your thoughts on the topic above. Is it possible to explain salvation in terms of hospitality? What does Scripture teach about the relation of hospitality and salvation?

Abu Daoud

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Steve Scott said…

Off the top of my head, if I'm not mistaken, it is required of a bishop (1 Tim 3) and it is a sign of walking in the truth in showing hospitality to traveling ministers in 3 John.

I don't know if I would go so far as to explain salvation in terms of hospitality, but it is supposed to be a part of our lives. It builds up and is certainly part of loving one's neighbor as one's self.
FrGregACCA said…
Well, you've got various parables and sayings in the Gospels which are relevant here, such as the one in which our Lord says he will serve at table in the eschatological feast, and also, among others, the Last Supper in John's Gospel (Jesus washing feet).

Also, hospitality is a major theme in Henri Nouwen's "Wounded Healer".

I can envision a soteriology in which hospitality is a major element; however, I don't think any soteriology can be complete without discussing transformation/healing/sanctification, so one would have to show how being the recipient of the Lord's hospitality results in transformation "in the image of Christ".

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