Oh boy! New issues of St Francis and LWP are out

Am presently reading through both. Saint Francis Magazine and Lausanne World Pulse are two of my favorite publications that deal with questions of missions and Christian witness. LWP is lighter, all-purpose material, and SFM is more dense and focused on the Muslim World. Alas, Abu Daoud has nothing published in this SFM, which is fine because I have been busy with other stuff.

Articles I am particularly interested in are:

Bridger's article on Kenneth Cragg (one of my heroes)

Miller's article on "Cracks in the Foundation of Islam?" and

Stringer's article on the Qur'an's view of patterns in history.

And this is new: you can DL the entire journal as one PDF right HERE.

In LWP I am interested in the article on the future of Asian missions by Yung.


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