News Review

Lots of interesting little tidbits of news that all in some way or another indicate how things may turn out in the future.

1) HERE you can find pictures of the Chevy Volt, an electrical car from an American automaker (gasp!). Good for them. This is important because the West's addiction to oil absolutely binds our hands regarding political options. Example: Russia's recent foray into Georgia which has been met by--never mind, they have oil.

2) And HERE, a letter from the Catholic bishops of Denver publicly and clearly outlining Catholic (and catholic) teaching on abortion and telling Joe Biden he's wrong, why he's wrong, and why that's important. Wow, that sounds like prophetic ministry from bishops. Go Denver bishops.

3) And HERE we have a picture of the demographic decline of Hungary, which is now at about 1.35 children per woman, with emigration of young people, and plunging marriage rates. God save them.


Abu Daoud said…
Hi Don, thanks, that was a good article. E. Europe has the double whammy of having lost their faith AND the abortion legacy of Communism AND so many young people emigrating.

Do you think Russia might become largely Muslim by the end of this century? It seems realistic to me.
Don said…
I think it depends on how "Russia" is defined at the time.

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