Apologetics: Why did the Messiah die?

My good friend From the Middle East has started writing on Islamic apologetics over at SBCImpact! He tackles the question of why did the Messiah die, and what does the Quran have to say about it.

Check it out here. One section:

Inconsistency with the Generous Qur’an: Many beliefs that Muslims hold are not actually consistent with the Book they hold so dear (I have found this to be no different than many “Christian” beliefs and the Bible). While it is my contention that God’s Messiah was not defeated by unbelievers, it is important to note that at least three times in the Generous Qur’an it is written that prophets and messengers of God were not only persecuted but also murdered.

Truth: What really happened? Ultimately Jesus was not murdered or crucified by the Jews or Romans. Rather Jesus laid down His life and took it up again in accordance with the divine will. Did they put him on a cross? Did he die? Yes and yes. But it was his choice to follow the divine will, not theirs. Therefore, he sacrificed himself.


Abu Daoud said…
My comment over at SBCImpact is this:

Shukran habiibi,

To elaborate on this topic one can explain that masiih, as you know, means "annointed one" and that in the Torah there are three offices that are anointed: king, high priest, and prophet. The cross as the throne of the King is a very strong theme in Matthew. But the cross as the Holy of Holies for the High Priest is also a theme in Hebrews. Finally the "words of the cross" which are respected by Catholics but are not a part of evangelical tradition (or should I say Evangelical Tradition?) are powerful prophetic annunciations.

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