Hanging with Catholics in Scotland, Byzantine Rite (of Matriculation)

So I am not with the family (which trust me is not easy--but it is important to start this PhD) and don't really know anyone at all here. So I though, in addition to the Byzantine process of matriculation which, bi musaa3idat Allah, I completed today, I thought, I should check out the Christian groups on campus. I looked at the Anglicans and they had a) a female chaplain, and b) nothing going on for new students. I checked out the evangelical group and eventually learned that their leaders have to subscribe to six-day creationism. Now I don't mind six-day creationism, but making it an article of faith seems a little, um, unbiblical to me.

So I went to the BBQ the Catholics were having, and guess what, I had a really good time. I met one young guy who wants to become a priest, and two others who are thinking about it. In Scotland. You don't know how odd that is for Scotland. If nothing else this indicates that we have here a serious community of faith. And people were really welcoming. After the BBQ we went to a local pub and hung out and talked about sundry topics like Gaelic and Celtic languages, the monarchy, and Humanae Vitae. After that we went for a lengthy walk, and then got some food (fish and chips for me--still have not tried haggis, but I will) and went back to the Catholic student office, where some monks live, and had tea (at 9 pm).

One thing I lied was that when I said I was Anglican, they were like, "OK, hope you like the food and enjoy your time here and come back to hang out." As opposed to what I often get at evangelical groups (and let me say for the bazzilionth time that I AM EVANGELICAL), where I get the treatment of, "Isn't it nice the Lord has brought us this nominal Christian from a dead church so we can evangelize him?" I mean, that is born from good motives. But were I am emotionally and spiritually right now, I'm just not up for it. Sorry.

So I am one of the few Anglican members of the Catholic group. Praise be to God that his grace and love know no boundaries, even when we try to build them, he is greater.


Abu Daoud said…
Hi Don. I think so, at least among the evangelicals. My sense is that you could be part of the fellowship but probably not a leader, same with me. The Catholics would be happy to have you though.
Rob said…
You had a good time? LOL

I am remembering a post at Per Christum where they compared the lives of different religions' pastors. This was from a 19th century English or American POV.

The first picture showed "scandalous" Catholic priests, drinking wine and laughing and falling out of their chairs. The second picture showed a very upright Protestant pastor with dignified children and a lifeless wife at a pristine dinner table. I think we were supposed to want the latter, but all my Catholic friends said, "That just makes me want to be Catholic even more!"

There is also a great Simpson's depiction of "Catholic heaven". I will try to find it.
From the Middle East said…
Brother Rob,

If I remember correctly the episode of The Simpson's where Homer & Bart became Roman Catholic depicted both "Protestant Heaven" AND "Catholic Heaven." It was hilarious. The first time I saw it, I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of the chair. Ironically, a friend (protestant... nay... baptist) was watching it with me and his statement was, "That's a little sacrilegious, don't you think?"

Then I did fall out of the chair!

Peace to you,
From the Middle East
Rob said…
-That's a little sacrilegious, don't you think?"-

That's hilarious!

For those not in the know, Presybyterian Heaven was boring, with angels and harps.

Catholic Heaven had Mexicans at a wedding, drinking and laughing, and Irishmen just drinking and fighting.

Can't find the clip on Youtube.
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a surprise that you found yourself at home at the CSA. Glad that your first day went well, hon!

The Protestant/Catholic Heaven is not on YouTube, but you can watch it here at JibJab.

--Umm Daoud
Don said…
Working for a Pentecostal denomination as I do, I get to meet many Hispanics. Last Sunday evening, I attended the organisation of an Hispanic church.

Let me assure you--the drinking may stop when they become Pentecostal, but the joy and partying will not!

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