What am I reading? And: a New Jordan blog.


What am I reading?

Still slugging along with the Purgatorial and penitential A History of Islamic Legal Theories by Wael B. Halleq. By far the most technical work I have ever read on the shari'a. I let it sit for a while on the book shelf while I tackled the superfluous Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which curiously contains several references to the Bible, including quotations of Biblical verses.

In addition to my regular plundering of the pages of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research and International Journal of Frontier Missions, I also rushed through the unique and practical Planting Churches in Muslim Cities by the inscrutable Greg Livingstone.

In terms of hard core theology recently finished The Promise of Trinitarian Theology by Gunton which was a joyful exploration of and vindication the Cappadocian school over against Augustine. I liked it, but if you can deal with it, Beauty of the Infinite is better, though it is more technical and not as clearly written.

Currently have gone back to some important history: the break up of the Ottoman Empire during and after WWI. Very readable and highly recommended: A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin.

New Blog

For those of you interested in Jordan there is a new blog: Observations of a Jordanian


FrGregACCA said…
If you haven't read it already, you may wish to add Being as Communion by Greek bishop John Zizioulas to your "to read" list.
Abu Daoud said…
Ah yes, I would be happy to add it, as both Hart and Gunton are much affected by his theology. If you have a spare copy and would mail it to me, I will mail it back to you when I am done, really.

winterlightning at safe-mail dot net

Abu daoud

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