Did the prophets sin in the Quran?

Muslims often point out that the OT is corrupted because it has the prophets sinning, and everyone knows that prophets become immune to sin when they are called by Allah (isn't that cool?)

But that does not match up with the testimony of the Quran at all. From an e-mail I just wrote:

The Quran indeed shows that all the prophets have sinned except for Jesus. A few examples, Surah 2:30 shows that the angels knew Adam and humanity in general would "spread mischief." Adam is also spoken of in 20:115 saying he "had no firm resolve." 11:46, 47 says that Noah had to repent also. 7:151 has Moses repenting.

Finally, Q 47:19 has Allah telling Muhammad to repent for his sin. The Arabic is singular: You, Muhammad, repent for your OWN sins; it can NOT mean that he needs to somehow repent for his people's sins. The Arabic grammar does not permit it.


Don said…
And if that wasn't enough, Jesus was born without the sting of Satan.

Sad to say, that's more belief than many "reappraisers" (to use Kendall Harmon's delightful terminology) can manage.

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