Genius!?! Must be from the Arabic...

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Anonymous said…
You'd think the Anglicanism would bring it down a notch though.

FrGregACCA said…
LOL. U too, huh? I got the same, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it (no Arabic on my blog, however).
Abu Daoud said…
Hey Anonymous! We Anglicans can draw on anyone's vocab! I can write synergistic, pre-Conciliar and pseudo-Jansenist in the same sentence if I want!

Fr Greg: All those Greek words? Maybe?
Don said…
Anonymous: My experience tells me that Anglicans generally write very dense prose when talking about theological matters. I was corresponding with one about putting a piece on my blog. He asked me how long it needed to be. My response was that, if it were too long, I'd break it up into a series, but that Anglicans tended to be too prolix in their prose for the Internet.

He never got back with me.

That being said, one think I like about this blog is that, genius though it is, it's to the point.

Closer to home for me, in response to this post, one pastor remarked, "You make me think too hard." That's what I get for hanging around the Anglicans, Catholics and Orthodox!
Steve Scott said…
My three blogs came back junior high school (from the pew), and two at elementary school reading levels. Pretty funny.

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