Testimony of a Convert from Islam

These testimonies are all over the place on the net. I realize that Christians will find these immensely encouraging and Muslims will find them worrisome or perhaps will be angered or disgusted by them.

In any case, I would like to study this phenomenon more. Given the population in MENA it (converts from Islam) is probably a trickle, but still, conversions between the two religions will probably continue to increase in number in the globalized world of today and the near future.

An example:

When I went back to the Arabian Gulf after finishing the semester, I had a dream about Jesus. In the dream, Jesus told me to come to Him and read the Bible and He would show me the way, truth and the life. The next morning I was excited and told my mom about it. She said my dream about Jesus was a "victory" (a lucky dream), and that surprised me. A few days later I saw my friend and expected him to spend a lot of time with me that day. He told me that he was going to church (it was Sunday) and he invited me. I had a great desire to see how the Christians prayed and I wanted to go with him. At church they had communion and I wondered about what it was. Another acquaintance of ours said I couldn't take communion unless I was a believer in Christ. My friend listened and answered my questions. During the next couple of weeks I thought a lot about Christianity and began reading the Bible. The more I read, the more I wanted to read and know. I was hungry for truth.


RenĂ© said…
Hi again,

I thought you & your readers may find these interesting:



These are articles about conversions.

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Thank you, will check them out.

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