Pray for Yemen

Yemen is one of the least-reached countries in the world. Personally, I have a particular burden for this country and the people living in it. It is a Gulf country, but it is very poor. It has the lowest GDP of any of the Gulf countries. It has an extremely high birth rate and government corruption is extremely high.

It is like Isaiah chapter 6: who will go for us? If you will to Yemen, I will help. E-mail me at winterlightning [at] safe-mail (dot) net.

This is the ends of the earth. Unlike other Muslim countries (Egypt, Jordan, Syria) this country has NO indigenous Christians. Here is the news:

SAN'A, Yemen: Heavy rains triggered floods that killed at least 36 people and injured 18 others in Yemen in the past week, local officials said Friday.

The officials said the floods inundated several areas across the country, disrupting telephone and electricity networks, destroying houses, cutting off roads and washing away cars, crops and cattle.

Some 115 families have been displaced and 150 homes destroyed, officials said.

Yemen's rainy season begins on March 21 and causes casualties every year. A report issued by the Interior Ministry said 500 people were killed during last year's rainy season.

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I think that helping those in need is one of the reasons that Christ founded the Church. I know evangelicals are not used to speaking this way, but trust me, for Muslims, the Church is part of the Gospel--it is Good News. It is good news: it actually does reach across ethnic boundries, unlike the Umma of Islam. It actually is based on love and charity, unlike the Umma, which operates acccording to a paradigm of political authority. The Church actually does gather in peoplee from every tribe and famile and language and country--unlike the Umma. May the Church minister to the needs of the afflicated, and thus, through her actions, proclaim the kindness and charity of the Messiah.


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