More African-Americans converting to Islam

Well, liberal Christianity told us not to be judgmental.

We should dumb down that difficult Catholic weekly fast every Friday. We should "sit back and be loved." Christianity is a relationship not a religion! All grace and rules! We are free from the law... And look where that has gotten us. I for one think that pastor or priest should be able to do what Ezra did: proclaim a mandatory fast. But that's legalism! No, Americans worshipping their own freedom, that's worse than legalism, it's idolatry. Islam has not lost its sense of discipline, nor has it forgotten that true religion is challenging:
Byrdsong, executive director of the Community Empowerment Association, was attracted to Islam while serving a 10-year prison sentence for robbery. He said the religion appeals to many, including those in prison, because of strict rules banning alcohol and drugs and its success at keeping people from deteriorating into a life of crime.
Here is the link. Read it all.


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