Ugandan Bishop on Islam

This is from the Rt. Rev. Henry Orombi, Anglican bishop and primate of Uganda:

Orombi also said that in Uganda, Muslims are attempting to conquer "not so much by the sword but by the dollar." There, Libyan dictator Muammar Gadafi built a national mosque as a "gift" to the people. Newly discovered oil resources in Uganda are finding their way into Muslim hands, and Muslim financiers are pouring money into the country -- despite the fact that only 12 percent of Uganda's population is Muslim. Muslims also are offering vocal opposition to laws that protect women's rights because, Orombi said, "these are not in the Koran."

"At the same time, the church is generally ignorant about Islam, its doctrine, its ideology and its expansionist strategy, the Anglican leader said. Most churches have no plan or vision about reaching Muslims and even shy away from evangelism out of fear and the prospect of retaliatory violence."

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