A Question of Justice

Here is a link to a great BBC article on the recent decision to deport a Jordanian cleric to his home country:


What is fascinating to me about this story, and about appeals for asylum in the West in general, is this: Islam promises just governance and flourishing for
the upright. It is actually forbidden according to Sharia for a Muslim
to move outside ofIslamdom (Dar al Islam) other than for a temporary visit, or for da9wa, that is, efforts to convert others to Islam.

This story thus demonstrates the internal incoherence of Islamic thought. Here is a man who considers himself an upright Muslim, no doubt, yet desires to stay in Dar al Harb because he will be punished back in Dar al Islam.

I am sure he can justify this to himself though.Maybe something like this: Jihaad is the priority, and Jordan is not truly Dar al Islam since the government there is run by a kaafir (apostate). Thus it is imperative and permissible for me to remain in Dar al Harb for the sake of Jihaad.

This story has been repeated many times. I think it is a positive step that the UK is deporting this man. The House of War (Dar al Harb) is still the house of war, even for the clerics granted asylum there.


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