Iran and Energy

While this is article is not about Islam specifically, it sheds some light on one of the tension-spots in the lands of Islamdom. Iran is in a difficult spot: ruled by clerics, Shia not Sunni, Persian not Arab...

On the other hand it seems that the Persians have a much richer patrimony and heritage than do Arabs. Why? Because it is not necessarily linked to Islam. So maybe we can hope for the best inspite of the bad headlines. Pray for Persia. It was once a great center of Christendom and can become so again.

"Iranian leaders say they want to develop nuclear power to free petroleum resources for domestic use or export. The United States and other Western countries believe Iran is using the program as a front for building weapons.

"At a time of relatively high prices, oil is clearly providing the Tehran government with enormous strength, but it is also an Achilles heel."



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