Freedom of Speech and Blogs in the ME

SaudiJeans is a great blog. I mean, I love this blog.

This blogger in the inscrutible Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has had some great posts recently on freedom of speech in the Gulf States (al Khaliij). Please check them out. At times I am not very positive about the future of Islamdom, but there are hints of light in the darkness from time to time. The fact that this blog exists is one of them:

"This case [in Bahrain] reminds me with a similar case that happened to a fellow blogger here in Saudi Arabia. The difference is, when our fellow blogger criticized some minister he did not face a lawsuit, but he was taken for a scary ride with some officials who told him to shut down his blog without giving much explanation, or else face the consequences. Since this blogger owned a business that dealt directly with the government and keeping the blog would directly affect his business negatively he stopped all activities related to blogging. It is a shame, because he was one of my favorite bloggers, and his blog was absolutely one of the best in the Saudi blogosphere."



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