Why I disagree with same-sex marriage

One problem with same-sex marriage is that it treats children like a consumer good. It treats children like a therapeutic tool to make adults feel better about themselves.

As a Christian I believe that family exists for the children. The children do not exist for the sake of fulfilling some need that the adults have or feel. The family in turn shows us something about the Triune nature of God and exists as the foundation of all other associations, including the Church and the state. In other words, our churches and countries can only ever be as healthy as our families are.
The diversity movement will protest that there simply is not enough research on non-traditional families to say what the impact on children might be. But what we do know is clear. Gay-parent households deprive children of a parent of the opposite sex. Children from families where the mother and father stay together are significantly more well-adjusted, confident, and adaptable than those who do not come from these families. Too often, diversity advocates focus on the well-being of couples while ignoring the impact on children. If the diversity movement says it wants to empower the powerless, shouldn't it be concerned about the impact of its policies on children? Shouldn't social policy show bias toward what works best and keeps the most vulnerable from being hurt? Or is the desire for same-sex adults to call their relationship "marriage" more important?
Read this entire article: The 'Diversity' Movement: Defeating Itself, Destroying Society, by Jay Haug.


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