Monday, January 21, 2013

Muslim migration not like other forms of immigration

That is why Islam poses a very specific problem, different from the general immigration problem. Immigrants from, say, Russia or Congo do pose certain social problems, but because they do not militate against assimilation, at least their children are bound to blend in and ultimately become Europeans with the Europeans. In the case of Islam, it is the reverse: the present generation of Muslims is less integrated than their parents. In expectation of becoming strong enough to take our countries over, Islam cultivates separateness for now.

Read it all at Brussels Journal.

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I.J. Abdul Hakeem said...

I skimmed through the article and it does seem a little interesting.

Before I comment, however, I noticed that the author is NOT a specialist in Islamic studies.

He got his Ph D. for his contribution to certian hindu studies. The closest thing he has is that he took Indo-Iranian studies, which is VERY FAR from studying Islam itself