Why the West should support al Assad

I have been sad to see the lame propaganda in Western media (BBC, CNN, you know) which portrays the 'freedom fighters' as great heroes. This is ridiculous. Many of them are indeed intolerant, ideological terrorists. Yes, they want to get rid of Al Assad who is a tyrannical autocrat. But he is a secular tyrant who has, more or less, let the Christians live in peace. What is the option? A nice democracy with human rights? Ah yes, like the one that Bush built in Iraq, right? I think not...

Here is the way the Middle East works folks: there is only tyranny. You can choose between secular tyranny, or Islamist tyranny. Enjoy. There is not third choice. 

Read all about it here at the IHT:

Saving Syria’s Christian community is coherent with Western strategic interests. If the experiences of Iraq and Egypt are any indication, religious intolerance breeds insecurity and volatility. The Syrian case is no different. Assad’s opponents on both sides of the Atlantic must prevent radical Islamists from embedding themselves in the Syrian opposition and should adopt a firm stance against their patrons in the Gulf.

Here is the link, read it all, and weep.


JI said…
It's been non-stop anti-Assad propaganda from the likes of the BBC from day one. Even atrocities committed by the rebels are blamed on Assad.

It's pretty clear the Saudis, Qataris and the West want regime change in Syria. For all his faults, Assad has at least ensured a secular government in Syria that has protected the rights of minorities. This is likely to change if he falls.

It's a pity because I think the Assad regime and the West have some areas where their interests concur, e.g. countering Al Qaeda. But Assad is not in the good books of Washington or Israel.

Don't you think it's a hypocrisy the West demands Assad steps aside when they continue supporting their favoured despots in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabian peninsula? No mention of human rights abuses in those countries.
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you JI. You left your comment some time ago but I still feel the same way about this.

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