Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Demographic Winter, Part I

Watch it all. I was impressed by the big names and the quality of this video. Much better than that crappy "Muslims are taking over the world" video from some time ago. I do think this also tells only half the story, since many countries (including lots of, but not all of, Muslim countries) have birthrates way above replacement level. But then again, this is only part i so maybe that will be addressed in part ii. Anyway, do let me know what you think an pass it on.


Muslim by Choice said...

Very interesting video thx for sharing

Muslimbychoice, Director of the Muslim Christian Dialogue on Youtube


Kinoaiki said...

It is in the eye of the beholder. And my eye tells me, this video is propaganda.If the solution to the human demographic challenge requires the enforcement of patriarchy, than we have no lessons learned. Our parents and grandparents' life experience gone to waste. So there is no solution for mankind without suppression. I hope part two will help me further.

Abu Daoud said...

Hi Kino, enforced patriarchy? I don't see that being advocated in this movie at all. Rather you have the acknowledgment that with the break down of the traditional family we have created a civilization (the West) which has naturally selected itself for extinction. How about voluntary and egalitarian patriarchy? That's what my family and I practice and we are quite happy.

Bilal Akhtar said...

Islam is give the lecture of piece and dignity and Islam does not produced terror because all the Muslims follow the Holy Quran and this book give us the lecture of peace