Marian imagery in Muslim visions

It is interesting to see how often the Virgin Mary features in dreams and visions that Muslims have which then contribute to the religious conversion. I posted on one instance of this HERE, some time ago. And I just found another one today, this time from an Iranian man named Ali Majidian:

When I finished at the university and graduated in solid-state physics, I began to study Aerospace engineering. Sometimes I went to church and studied more about Christians. 
One night I had a nightmare that I was in a desert trying to find gold. Suddenly it started to rain. I found a cave and went in. There were antique statues. Among them I found a statue of Mary, Jesus’ mother, but I saw drops of blood in her eyes. At once I understood that she cries for our sins. Suddenly I ran away and fell. Before me, I saw myself in an antique mirror. I saw myself bloody, dirty and dreadful. 
I realized that only - only - only Christ can save people. Jesus is the bridge between earth and heaven. 
I decided to become a Christian, so I went to church again for this purpose, but for some reason, the  priest there doesn’t do that.
Read his whole testimony HERE if you are interested. Also note how the priest in Iran (I guess) would not allow him to convert. This is a big problem with the Catholic and Orthodox Churches in the Muslim world. One which prompted me to write my Open Letter to the Pope on Catholic Witness to Muslims. If you haven't read it yet please do. And if you agree with, print it an post it to your local Catholic bishop.


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