Two Turks who converted to Orthodoxy

Kudos to Samn for this interesting link to an interview with two Turks who converted to Orthodoxy. I love how they talk about Christianity in the West, I find it to be quite true, I am sad to say, Here is a sample:

—It would follow that your path to Orthodoxy was the result of "local" experience, without any influence from outside of Turkey? 
Achmet: Any influence from American or European Christianity can only do harm. I never felt comfortable with the Christians there. They repelled me from Christianity by turning it into psychotherapy. They go to church on Sundays to talk. However, religion has an aim of filling a certain other emptiness. In Europe, Christianity has been relegated to holidays without any connection to religion. Take the Nativity of Christ, for example. Many people greet each other with the words, ”Happy holidays,” instead of Happy Nativity.” In Europe, people have a superficial connection to Christianity, without an understanding of its spiritual meaning. 
—How do the Christians in your country differ from Europeans? 
Nejla: In that they are much closer to the essence and traditions of Christianity.
Achmet: And in that they are more religious. 
Nejla: We go to church every Sunday, read the Holy Scriptures every evening, pray together, and strive to fulfill all the demands of our religion.

Read the whole interview at Pravoslavie (translated into English from Bulgarian).


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