Gaudeul on why Muslims convert to Christianity

One of hte best studies out there on why Muslims convert to Christianity is the study by the French Roman Catholic priest Jean-Marie Gaudeul, one of the White Fathers.

The name of his book in English is Called from Islam to Christ. He identifies a couple of broad categories of people who convert:

  • those fascinated by the personality of Jesus, they begin to pray, they experience the power and goodness, and they finally recognized as the Son of God;
  • those looking for a community according to God, they find that community in the Church;
  • those who, after recognizing their sin, want to experience free forgiveness, this being interpreted differently by Muslims;
  • especially those seeking a coherent message about life, and desire intellectual certainty, especially those educated in controversy, they discover in the Bible the consistent message of the Gospel which attracts them;
  • especially those who desire to meet God, to pray to him heart to heart, which is not the case in Islam where prayer is a set of rituals.

That is a rough translation of the French from this website. Here is the original list:

  • ceux que fascine la personnalité de Jésus, qu’ils commencent à prier, dont ils expérimentent la puissance et la bonté, et qu’ils finissent par reconnaître comme le Fils de Dieu ;
  • ceux qui recherchent une communauté selon Dieu, communauté qu’ils trouvent dans l’Eglise ;
  • ceux qui, après s’être reconnus comme pécheurs, aspirent à faire l’expérience du pardon gratuit, celui-ci étant interprété diversement par les musulmans ;
  • ceux qui demandent surtout un message cohérent en lui-même et avec la vie, et ont besoin de certitude intellectuelle : instruits dans la polémique, ils ont découvert la Bible et la cohérence du message de l’Evangile les attire ;
  • ceux qui ont surtout soif de rencontrer Dieu, de le prier coeur à coeur, ce qui n’est pas le cas dans l’islam où la prière est un ensemble de rites.


JohnG. said…
Hello Abu,

this reminds me this article, from christianity today :

Could you reach brother Gallez?
Abu Daoud said…
Hi John,

Yes, I am familiar with the work of Woodberry.

Who is Gallez?
JohnG. said…
Hi Abu,

It's the one you asked me how to contact him : remember this post :
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you John, I did just email him. Sorry I did not remember his name.
CL Edwards said…
And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” John 12:32

It should not shock us that Christ is attractive.
Abu Daoud said…
Yes CL, and I think this is why he talks about Muslims called TO CHRIST, rather than choosing the word Christianity.
Rong said…
I'm familiar with a number of people who minister in Muslim countries and have always been fascinated with the number of converts who "come to Christ" because of visions/dreams that they have of Him. Have you also heard of converts who have had similar experiences?

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