Zakaria Boutros: 'Islam is not just a religion, it's a state.'

Islam is not just a religion; this is a misunderstanding in the West. You think that Islam is like Judaism or Buddhism, so we give Islam lots of opportunities to grow in the West. No, Islam is a State, and religion is a factor to establish this state. It is a Kingdom, the Kingdom of Islam. Non-Muslims in their country are invaders. The invaders brought missionaries with them.

From Bob Blincoe's interview with Father (Abouna) Zakaria Boutros (or Botros), my favorite Coptic priest out there :-) This is from the third post on Blincoe's blog containing his interview.

I have written about Fr Boutros HERE and HERE, if you care to learn more about this impressive man. The second link there is one of the most commented-on posts I've ever have, if I'm not mistaken. Also, I develop a similar concept to what Fr Boutros said HERE: Islam, Religion Plus.

Pray for facility in travel for me and my family, please. --AD


JohnG. said…
Hello Abu,

here are few abstacts from french monk Ed Mrie Gallez. They are not to be published, just for your reading :''Love%20of%20God%20and%20of%20Neighbor''.pdf
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you John. Do you have contact info for Fr Gallez perhaps? I would love to contact him.
JohnG. said…
Hello Abu , here it is :

He has plublished an interesting thesis about the source of islam and Kuran :

God bless.
JohnG. said…
I should ad that there is far more interesting stuff in its french site :

I wish you could understand them.

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