Anonymous Missionary: What it's like to be detained by the Egyptian police

Loved this (old) account of one missionary who was detained by the Egyptian police. One section:

Ala ‘The Terminal’, some people had been kept in that room for days if not weeks. The Bangledeshi men had no money and had been there for four days without eating. I was treated like a long lost Uncle after I bought them all bean sandwiches for breakfast (as much as they could eat!). In the midst of all this  – it was hard (although still possible) to dwell on my own misfortune for too long – and to tell the truth – feeding of inmates aside – I was very happy to see the comparatively kind manner with which the Egyptian police dealt with these people.

Read it all at SFM.


abdoadawy said…
Islam says no to Terrorism
abdoadawy said…
tIslam says no to Terrorism

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