Nulla Celebrior and the Crusades

Kudos to T L Winslow who found this obscure papal document (which you can read HERE). This is the document whereby the Bishop of Rome (aka the Pope, aka the Greatest Bridge-builder) announced that the Patriarch of Jerusalem was to be residential, that is, the Patriarchate was no longer simply an honorary title but a real bishopric where the Patriarch had to live in what was then the diseased cesspool that was Jerusalem. A key reason for this decision was that the Protestants had established a bishopric there a few years earlier when they sent Rabbi-Bishop Michael Solomon Alexander there.

So here is what the pope said about the Crusades, just to show you that back then the West did not hate its own history:

The eyes of Christians are focused on Palestine, particularly on the Holy Sepulcher. When the city fell into the hands of the barbarians, European princes stood up to fight for it in harsh and repeated wars so as to liberate it and to rid the faithful from the enormous difficulties and extreme injustice they were suffering. We have stated all these facts to indicate that it was only fair that the Christian people treat Jerusalem with reverence whether in the old ages or at the present age.

PS: SPecial thanks to Fr Hanna Kildani for posting that document.


Speaking of obscure, now that we have Google nothing is obscure anymore if you know what to type into the search window. All this stuff about the Latin patriarchate and much more is contained in my Historyscope of Jerusalem, containing virtually all key information about it back 3,000 years, free to all at:
Abu Daoud said…
Thank TL, will check it out! And just to test you on this, there are two documents I would very much like to read, they are the second and third charges given by the Anglican Bp Blyth of Jerusalem to his clergy:

I will look around your website and see what I find. But to date I have not been able to find there anywhere on the web.

Thanks for caring about the history of Jerusalem and Christians in the Middle East in general. Do you have any links to articles you yourself have written on the topic?
Abu Daoud said…
Also, I added you to my blogroll, even though I gather your site is not a blog per se...

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