Trivia: the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem

What was the name of the papal bull whereby the residential Latin patriarchate was re-established in the city of Jerusalem?

What pope issued it?

In what year was it issued?

What development in Protestant missions occasioned this event?

Answers will be posted in the comment section once I have some guesses. If anyone can actually find the text to the papal bull online (in any language), they will earn my eternal gratitude! Heaven knows I have looked...




In 1342, Pope Clement VI officially committed the care of the Holy Land to the Franciscans and the Franciscan Custos of the Holy Lands (The Grand Masters of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre) held the title ex officio under the Papal bull Gratiam agimus by Pope Clement VI, unless someone was specifically appointed to the honorary office.

A resident Latin Patriarch was re-established in 1847 by Pius IX, with Bishop Joseph Valerga being appointed to the office. Though officially superseding the Franciscans, Valerga was also the Grand Master of the Order. On Valerga's death in 1872, Vincent Braco was appointed, and following his death in 1889, the Ottoman Sultan authorised the re-establishment of a Latin hierarchy. The Grand Masters of the Order continued to be named as Latin Patriarchs until 1905.

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1842 - Christian Mission to the Jews (CMJ) establishes Christ Church, first Anglican church in the Old City of Jerusalem

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Jonathan said…
Found all the same info as TLW, but I cannot find the name of the papal bull (unless it is Gratiam agimus).
Abu Daoud said…
Winslow and Jon: you only need the name of the papal bull, and the reason that the Catholics resumed a residential patriarchate.

But the date (1847) and the pope are right, as is the name of the first patriarch (Valerga).

Good job though...

"Pope Pius IX restored the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem in 1847. At the same time, with the Bull Nulla celebrior, the Pope gave new life to the Order by entrusting it with the primary task of supporting the activities of the newly restored Patriarchate."


"In the nineteenth century it was felt that a state of things of which the result was practically Franciscan monopoly in Palestine had become an anomaly. The Turkish government had become tolerant, the number of Catholic pilgrims increased enormously, many other religious orders had built houses at Jerusalem and other cities, there were Arab Catholics who wished to become priests and to serve their own people, but who had not necessarily a vocation for the Franciscan Order. So the old conditions that reserved practically all cure of souls to Franciscans and submitted every one to the jurisdiction of the custos — natural enough when there had been no one else to undertake the work — were no longer reasonable now. There was no reason why the Catholics of Palestine should not be governed by an episcopal hierarchy in the normal way. Moved by these considerations Pius IX decided to change the titular Latin patriarchate at Rome into a real see again at Jerusalem."
Oops: the bull, the bull

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