Papal Mass in Glasgow

Because I have some Catholic friends in Scotland, and I happened to be in the UK at the time, I was able to make the papal mass today. It was inspiring in several ways. First, the sermon (which I have not yet found transcribed online) contained some direct challenges to the people present, in terms of not buying the world's narrative of success (sex, money, drugs, porn, fame, etc.), but rather invesitng in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (How evangelical is that!)

Second, one of the hymns actually contains the explicit phrase, 'justified by faith.' Which I loved. Why be afriad of this phrase? This bishop recognizes that there is nothing unbiblical or indeed un-Catholic about this phrase. He embraces it.

Finally, most of the liturgy of the word was in Latin, which I much appreciated, though it surprised me.

May God giver this pastor success during the rest of his sojourn in this United Kingdom.



D said…
Hey AbuDaoud - glad you were able to attend the mass, I'm jealous. I watched some of it online, it looked like it would have been a wonderful experience to be there. Regarding texts of the Pope's speeches / homilies, check out the official visit website at
Also, the following blog has lots of news and information:
Best, David
JohnG. said…
Hello Abu,
here is an exerpt of papal visit in U.K. from "KTO" (french catholic TV). It's subtitled in french, but words are in english, of course.
And I think there will be words you'll appreciate too, such as the joy and freedom are the fruits of a living relationship with Christ....
Here is a link :

I think that Sandro Magister should have beautiful exerpts too in its blog.

God Bless you.

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