A Coptic Christian on Islam in America

Using America's freedom of religion for the establishment of a religion that holds steadfastly to cutting off freedom of religion and freedom of speech in both principle and practice places the religion of Islam in direct contradiction with the American way of life. American secular culture, informed with Judeo-Christian principles, is heading on a collision course with its foreign antithesis, a culture I am all too familiar with.

Ashraf Ramelah, here.


amy said…
Excellent article; thank you for posting this. I immediately shared it within my facebook circle.

Also -- sorry to hear the news about the drop in your funding. I'll be praying for you.
FrGregACCA said…
Here in the United States, on American soil, undergirded by the American Constitution, the only winner will be, can be, secular American culture and values. We have seen it with Roman Catholicism and Judaism, both of which have been profoundly changed by long residency in the United States. These changes are now occurring in Eastern Orthodoxy and even, to some extent, already within Islam itself on these shores. This will continue.
Abu Daoud said…
Amy, thanks for your prayers, they are much appreciated.

Greg, I would say maybe or maybe not. The constitution has already been raped and pillaged by decisions like Griswold v. CT and Roe v. Wade (I could mention many others). In other words, the constitution is only as good as the people. When a lot of the people are Muslims or people trying to accommodate them, the interpretation of the constitution will change as well.

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