Verses from an ex-Muslim Christian

Advance! With the streams of living's the time for evangelism
Don't be's a dangerous time
Fill your heart with love...the revolution of love drives away fear
Any other god is evil
Opium for people and naivete of the mind
Your Christ is a path of reformation and a sun of enlightenment
Don't be afraid...all the enemy's wells are dry
Whitened tombs...decorated...papers on which death is written

We'll evangelize
In our cells, we'll evangelize
In solitary confinement, we'll evangelize our body cells
We'll evangelize the particles of the air...we'll baptize the steel bars
We'll save the walls...we'll light the tombs with your light
We won't keep silent

Selection from 'Steadfast' by Moazafar, trans. unknown. Appearing in Copeland, Lynn ed. Into the Den of Infidels (2003).


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