The Nature of the Revolution in Iran

Great quote from HERE on the Revolutionary Gaurd in Iran, and the overall dynamic of revolution:

2. Supposedly, revolutionaries recruit the unruly of the underclass. Actually, they appeal, mainly to those who feel destined to become leaders – and who are frustrated because, supposedly, society ignores them. This group is determined to smash the privileges of others. Once victorious, the same revolutionary activists turn “conservative”. This happens by virtue of the fact that their success converts them into a privileged group. From then on, their justification of unfreedom practiced to their advantage will be that the torch of the revolution has been passed to them. Therefore, the flame of a justice that recognizes those previously overlooked and shunted, must be kept lit.


Don said…
It's Animal Farm Islamic style.

This post is also very relevant to the subject. The speaker, Loretta Napoleoni, was interviewed to join the Red Brigade, and it's interesting why she was turned down.

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