Freedom of Religion in Morocco?

Great post from HERE. Here is one part:

The Christian population is increasing in this North African country and the government is starting to feel the heat.

Humorously enough, it still seems to be an enigma to them that Moroccan Muslims would embrace Christianity without being bribed or forced into it. The only explanation that is ever given to why a Muslim would actually become a follower of Jesus Christ is that they are vulnerable, unstable, desperate, greedy, or not in their right mind. But maybe, just maybe, Christianity is making a greater and more genuine impact in the lives of these people than the Muslim world would like to acknowledge.

Below is an article taken from MoroccoBoard News Service, about another home invasion that took place this past week in Morocco. What they conveniently leave out is that the American was not the only one arrested, but the 14 Moroccans (including children as young as 6 months old) were also thrown into jail and interrogated.

So much for religious freedom…


Anonymous said…
muslims also dont have freedom of religion in western countries they can build minarets in swiss , they have so many obstacles to build mosques in most western countries, they cant practice family law, they cant wear Niqab in France and Holland (may be in others countries in future) they cant wear Hijab in france school.
Anonymous said…
Muslims do have freedom of religion in western countries. One would assume following the Muslim faith is not just about fashion and buildings. Of course there is dislike/fear of Muslims in western nations, due to terrorist attacks etc -- but this is a political matter and should not prevent a person from following the faith.
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