Two great books

Have been reading two books recently, both quite challenging and have learned a great deal. It is very important, I think, to get beyond the evangelical discussions of contextualization because really, once you read a few of those essays, you feel like a dog chasing his tail. I suspect that evangelicalism just does not have the historical and ecclesiological resources to address these questions in a robust manner, but I could be wrong. On the other hand, I am grateful that evangelicals are the only ones doing evangelism on any significant level among Muslims. It is easy to critique evangelical missiology, but at least they are risking something by trying to do the work, more than one can say for the Orthodox or Catholics.

The two books are:

Cornille, Catherine ed. Many Mansions? Multiple Religious Belonging and Christian Identity. New York: Orbis 2002.

Amjad-Ali, Christine ed. Developing Christian Theology in the Context of Islam. Rawalpindi: Christian Study Center 1996.


Anonymous said…
The single greatest obstacle to the evangelization of Muslims is the division of Christians.
Abu Daoud said…
Maybe, but a close runner up is the practice of killing apostates.

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