Pius XII on Contextualization/Indigenization

This is the reason why the Catholic Church has neither scorned nor rejected the pagan philosophies. Instead, after freeing them from error and all contamination she has perfected and completed them by Christian revelation. So likewise the Church has graciously made her own the native art and culture which in some countries is so highly developed. She has carefully encouraged them and has brought them to a point of aesthetic perfection that of themselves they probably would never have attained. By no means has she repressed native customs and traditions but has given them a certain religious significance; she has even transformed their feast days and made them serve to commemorate the martyrs and to celebrate mysteries of the faith.

Pius XII, Evangelii Praecones §58


Anonymous said…
And no matter how many times you tell that to a Fundamentalist or a Muslim or an Iglesia Ni Cristo memeber, they still don't listen. I mean, really, what's so evil about appropriating pre-Christian traditions? I'm pretty sure the Hebrews did that as well. Didn't the Passover coincide with a Canaanite festival that was celebrated in a similar way?

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